Reclaiming Eve: Heather Caliri’s story

heatherHeather Caliri is a writer from San Diego. She started saying yes to joy in her faith two years ago and was surprised to find that joy led straight to Jesus. Find out about her upcoming ebook, Unquiet Time: A devotional for the rest of us, here


The slogan caught my eye as I turned a corner inside the Humanities building: “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.”

Later, I’d discover that Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, the writer who penned the phrase, had done so almost off-hand, in an obscure work about Puritan funeral services. I’d learn that it became a feminist catchphrase without her help, and was often used out of context. I would find that Ulrich, a practicing Mormon, wasn’t trying to denigrate the histories of ordinary, domestic women, but instead, illuminate them.

But at the time, I assumed the phrase was attacking me: a well-behaved, white, upper-middle class Christian housewife. I felt a flare of anger and shame and ducked my head. I tried to pretend the slogan wasn’t there.

The building, which was shaped like a squared-off figure eight, was easy to get lost in. You went around corners so often that you lost all sense of direction; the decrepit state of repair and the bleak décor only added to the disorientation. [Continue Reading...]

I Am the Other: on acknowledging my disability

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“Is this permanent?” the clerk at the BMV asked.

I said something like, “Yes, yes, it’s chronic, I’ve had it since birth. It’s permanent.”

No one asked why it had taken me over 41 years to get the parking permit. Nor did I want them to.

She handed over the little blue hanger without even a blink. No money was exchanged. Only my pride was handed over, my reluctance to admit I could use the help this little piece of plastic provides. God help me, why was I here again?
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Reclaiming Eve: Robin Lake’s story

R Lake

Robin Lake is a pastor, worship leader and writer from New Hampshire. She also works full time as an executive administrator, runs a healing discipleship ministry and is studying to become a Spiritual Director. She is fiercely devoted to seeing the … [Continue reading]

I will speak up for my sisters in the margins, even when it seems no one wants to hear

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I did it to myself. I chose to join with my coauthors to write a reflective, Jesus-centered message about why we believe the Bible and the Kingdom of God set women free. The whole thing started in a church Bible study, and women of all … [Continue reading]