Healing my Lymphedema: part 2

Healing my lymphedema2See part one for the backstory on my leg lymphedema.

“Did you just do that today?”

A woman passed me last week as I was getting ready to exit the University of Michigan hospital where I am currently in the middle of three weeks of lymphedema therapy. She was staring at my leg, which was wrapped in layers of foam and bandages, toes sticking out of an ugly black boot.

“Uh, no,” was all I could manage to utter. I didn’t want to go into the details of being born with a swollen right foot. When I posted a picture of my wrapped leg to facebook, friends came up with some wicked stories for me:

  • While I was holding a run-a-way car back with my foot to keep it from running over an infant, it shattered in several places.” (Jill, the heroine angle)
  • “Tackled David (my husband) like an ezer-ninja!” (Jocelyn, the theology, “ezer”/strong power angle, see Genesis 2:18)
  • “You were leaping over a tall building in a single bound but didn’t stick the landing.” (Kelly)
  • “It’s a limb transplant. All they had available was Andre the Giant’s calf.” (Tim)

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Healing my Lymphedema: part 1

Healing my lymphedema-2One September 19, a little girl was born without fanfare in Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital.

I was the first child born to my parents and the first grandchild for my maternal grandmother. Their joy, however, was tinged by a reality they must face.

suzanneDoctors huddled around the infant, their tongues buzzing, as they wondered aloud at why the child had two swollen feet. Even stranger, the swelling in the child’s left foot seemed to be evaporating, while the right foot remained swollen. Their prognosis was dutifully delivered to the concerned parents: your child likely has Turner’s Syndrome, meaning she would be mentally challenged, short of stature, and sterile. A nurse even mentioned to my parents that there are institutions to help care for children like me. They balked: God had given them this child, and they would be the ones to care for her.

We moved to Michigan eleven days later, and my parents dutifully took me for testing at Michigan State University. Six weeks later, the results arrived: no Turner’s. What then, did I have? And why? [Continue Reading…]

Embracing the New: Practicing Presence in 2015

%22You will never miss out on anythingin

This morning, I read Sarah Bessey's new year post about holding fast in 2015, and it reminded me of how faithful God is to speak particular words into particular lives at particular times. What a mercy! Yesterday I shared on Facebook what my 2014 … [Continue reading]

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Crayon & pencil drawing by Sr. Grace Remington, OCSO
© 2005, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey

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