A spoken word tribute to women in ministry

Here’s a pick-me-up, brought to my attention by my friends at  The Junia Project, in thankfulness to women serving Jesus everywhere:

Jeanelle Austin Spoken Word: Thank You: A Tribute to Women in Ministry from Gail Wallace on Vimeo.

“This is for the women who walk in their call—no matter their gender, their heart is to give their all.”

Amen, sister.

Your turn: What emotions did Jeanette’s tribute stir up in you? If you have a video clip of another spoken word performance on women in ministry, please paste it in the comments. Thank you.

On #ReclaimingEve: “I recommend this resource for every daughter of Eve!”

— Nancy Beach, leadership coach, speaker; author, Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church
Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD sample here. Includes print Bible study piece; great for group studies! Order here.

Reclaiming Eve: Idelette McVicker’s story

designI’m tickled to welcome Idelette McVicker, the editor in chief of SheLovesMagazine.com to share her Reclaiming Eve moment today.

idelette profileHi, I’m Idelette and I wish I could go to every spot, village and city on the earth to meet our world’s women. I was born and raised in South Africa, which created a deep hunger for justice and equality in my heart. I have three children (11, 9 and 7) and SheLovesmagazine.com is my fourth baby. I am African, although my skin colour doesn’t tell you that story. I also feel a little bit Chinese, because my heart still resides there amongst the tall skyscrapers of Taipei and the mountains of Chiufen. I live in Surrey, Canada because I pledged my heart to Scott, a cheeky Canadian, 15 years ago. Give me some sweet chai, vanilla rooibos or pearl milk tea and I’m in heaven. And if you don’t know this about me quite yet: Jesus is my hero.


What a difference a pronoun makes.

One of my girls had a memory verse to learn for church. We lay side by side on her tiny French provincial single bed that her dad had painted a matte black. I loved those little beds: slightly rickety, painted in the garage over many days, with several coats and deep love. The girls moved into those beds when I became pregnant with their brother. [Continue Reading…]

What I think about the IF: Gathering 2015

IF_ 2015-2

The other day I got an email from a friend, a well-educated woman I respect. It said this: "I attended our local IF gathering both Friday and Saturday. I have to admit I didn't expect much, and was very pleasantly surprised." I couldn't have … [Continue reading]

Audio sermon: Naomi’s story (Ruth 1-4) by Suzanne Burden


A few weeks ago, on the first Sunday of the year, I had the privilege of preaching a sermon on the book of Ruth at Fairhaven Mennonite Church. In the sermon's first moments, I began by lifting a scarf over my head, and delivering a dramatic … [Continue reading]

Reclaiming Eve: Cara Strickland’s story


Personal Note: The book Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God and the Small Group DVD continue to stimulate discussion and impact both individual lives and the Church as a whole. Read the whole series of … [Continue reading]