If you are hurting and you follow Jesus

if you arehurting &you love jesus-2Have you ever had one of those seasons when you are overwhelmed at the hurt and loss around you?

More pointedly—at the daggers of pain that seem aimed at your own heart—the kind of pain that slices a person in two and leaves you gasping for air?

In the last three weeks my husband and I have felt this pain so intensely, so cutting, that we have taken turns with the tears and uttering words of anguish and anger. They are not directed at each other, but at the sheer horror we feel. I have wanted to pinch myself. Is this for real?

We haven’t wished to pull everyone into our pain, for we know others have pain of their own. But we have experienced another adoption loss. An adoption we didn’t seek, didn’t initiate and in fact very carefully stepped back from, allowing it to unfold purely on the birth mother’s initiative. This was the only way we would even consider it, I had said last year, if someone we knew asked us to adopt their child[Continue Reading…]

Audio Sermon: “From Hope Lost to Hope Found” at Cornerstone University




Recently, I preached a sermon on The Unclean Woman at Cornerstone University chapel, my alma mater. I could not have known that just a few weeks later my husband and I are facing loss and grief of our own, and I desperately needed to hear this message of hope myself. May you be blessed by Jesus’ pursuit of the least and the least likely—and his willingness to break all of the rules to identify with those on the “outside.” [Continue Reading…]

We are the women of the Holy Week

The Lilypad-2

Mary Magdalene, the one released from seven demons, lingers in the garden weeping, her tears watering the soil.  She is known as the "apostle to the apostles" in Church history, and for most of us, she appears to be the female headliner in the … [Continue reading]

What Lent looks like from here

What Lent

It is late Sunday afternoon, and I intended to be Sabbathing, but my intentions have been interrupted. (God says rest this one day—I've got this, but I had to do a "live-chat" ordering thing TODAY and I am third in the queue, and so I stopped for … [Continue reading]

A spoken word tribute to women in ministry

Here's a pick-me-up, brought to my attention by my friends at  The Junia Project, in thankfulness to women serving Jesus everywhere: Jeanelle Austin Spoken Word: Thank You: A Tribute to Women in Ministry from Gail Wallace on Vimeo. "This is … [Continue reading]