In the immortal words of the Jedi-master: “Don’t try. Do.”

Reams of paper line my office floor, information that needs to be transformed into a book.

A hopeful life change that looked promising is not happening.

I’m still hoping to find a regular spot to serve in ministry.

We are still in the same house we’ve been in since we married six years ago, though we’ve always said we would move.

And instead of filling the house with children, we’ve filled it with books. (Which kind of are my children, but that’s for another post.) [Continue Reading...]

What we talk about when we talk about women in church: part four


(Read parts one: “Does danger lurk in a woman near you?”, two: “What is a biblical woman?” and three: “Do you know the women of the Bible?”)

This is not a trick question.

But it presupposes another one.

QUESTION #1: Should every woman lead?

It’s been a long five years of studying God’s intentions for his daughters and releasing those thoughts out into the world through the book Reclaiming Eve. Through this process, and after poring over Scripture and hearing hundreds of insights from others who are studying it and living the gospel and seeking the truth, I have become convinced of this:

Every girl and woman was created to lead. I believe there truly are no exceptions. 

Here’s why: God’s unsullied plan, his #1 creative idea, was to create two human beings made in his image (Genesis 1:27-28). In the Creation narrative, this stunning act is followed by marching orders for the two beings made to reflect God, to remind us of him. [Continue Reading...]

Seven reasons bloggers don’t blog

Admittedly, this post is highly subjective, based mainly on my personal experience. (That's why it would be mighty keen if you'd post your reasons for not blogging in the comments below. See you there!) 1. The biggest reason I don't blog is I … [Continue reading]

How to use the Reclaiming Eve Bible Study this Fall

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.04.32 AM

*Congratulations, to Julie Ball, who won the copy of the new Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD and is hoping to use it in her Sunday School class. “Pick up this book, throw off the ‘old’ and live out your influence!” — Elisa Morgan, speaker; author, … [Continue reading]

Watch Intro to New Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD and win a copy


"All my life I have lived believing I was the leftovers." "Why would I want to learn more about Eve?" "You have helped me to believe I am still worth something in God's Kingdom." These are statements based on actual things women have said to us … [Continue reading]