30 days of thanksgiving, volume 4

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I am sitting on my blue couch, even now, and watching little bits of snow fly.

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30 days of thanksgiving, volume 3


See post #1 and post #2.

Years ago when at one of my lowest points, I did the least likely thing: I began filling the pages of a notebook with things I was thankful for.

It was a dark time, and my counselor suggested that regular journaling of thanks would help. Of course, I couldn’t see how at the time. But I literally forced myself to sit down and to come up with something. (Incidentally, I’d love to find that old journal now.)

Remarkably, as I put pen to paper, the list grew quickly, filling many pages. Family, friends, flannel pajamas, help in times of trouble, promises of God, the fact that there’s always reason to hope, no matter what…sometimes the hardest part about the giving of thanks is just beginning, just starting when you don’t feel like it. Then watching the gratitude grow.

In that spirit, will you join me by adding your thanks in the comments below? Perhaps your simple list will be just the beginning, and your journal will beckon. In my book, that would be the best possible outcome: to free up the gratitude you didn’t know was there, welling up and overflowing, to the Giver of all good gifts.

  • And now, to practice the discipline of the giving of thanks:

#8: Repurposing. My husband had a great idea to find an old wooden door and repurpose it as a headboard for our king-sized bed. It sounded good in theory; but where would we find one? Enter a musty shop filled with castoff doors, old—and sometimes odd— light fixtures and time-past treasures. The door is now sitting on sawhorses in our garage, covered in two coats of chalk paint, just waiting for us to distress and wax it. The shop owner said it came from “The Alamo,” an old city business of some sort, torn down and just waiting for a rebirth. We are waiting for a rebirth, too; and the door reminds us that seasons of casting off, of pain and challenge and dying, make way for re-creation, for resurrection, for a fresh start.

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30 days of thanksgiving, volume 2


EXCERPT  from post #1: "Part of me wishes I could say life got easier after that, and that I eventually drew another picture of Jesus and I hand in hand, walking chummily through life. But, alas, no: Jesus is still carrying me. I'm still unclear … [Continue reading]

30 days of thanksgiving, volume 1

Oh, Father, I prayed, please remind me of the ways your grace is showing up in our lives. A year or more ago I drew a picture of Jesus and me, while a group of women in addiction recovery around me scribbled their own, each of us trying to express … [Continue reading]

Reclaiming Eve: Heather Caliri’s story


Heather Caliri is a writer from San Diego. She started saying yes to joy in her faith two years ago and was surprised to find that joy led straight to Jesus. Find out about her upcoming ebook, Unquiet Time: A devotional for the rest of us, … [Continue reading]