A whole lot undone over Charleston

A Whole LotUndoneOver CharlestonThe family members of those murdered at Mother Emanuel popped up on my TV screen, speaking words of forgiveness to Dylan Roof.

And I sat in my comfortable blue chair, tears streaming down my face.

In the words of a Washington Post article:

“The killer was welcomed by the ones he murdered, and then forgiven by the people he deeply harmed.”

I ran to my bedroom, lay down on my bed, and wept some more. [Continue Reading…]

Leaning In to our Grief on Christianity Today’s Her•meneutics

Regular blog reader? Consider sharing this post I wrote for Christianity Today on your social networks. And let’s encourage everyone to enterbook their grief, airing their feelings that they might further reveal their faith.

In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg wrote her first book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, selling over a million copies and launching a movement for working women. This week she shared on Facebook a public statement of grief following the unexpected death of her husband, Dave Goldberg, one month ago. Both have been remarkable conversation-starters.

Sandberg’s recent reflection illuminates the way tragedies cause us to stop life as usual to feel deep loss. After her husband died in a gym accident last month, Sandberg entered the 30-day mourning period prescribed by Jewish tradition. The Facebook COO shares heartbreaking details from the first hours, days, and weeks: the anger when motorists didn’t yield for her husband’s ambulance; the way her mother holds her at night while she cries herself to sleep; her child’s school event where she could not manage to make eye contact with anyone.

Read the rest at Her•meneutics

On trusting others with our grief

I trust you with my grief-2

I haven't been regularly blogging for months, but recent events have opened a vein of some kind, there is blood still pulsing underneath the grief of the last 3 1/2 weeks, and as author Richard Foster has said, "When you write you must bleed." We … [Continue reading]

If you are hurting and you follow Jesus

if you arehurting &you love jesus

Have you ever had one of those seasons when you are overwhelmed at the hurt and loss around you? More pointedly—at the daggers of pain that seem aimed at your own heart—the kind of pain that slices a person in two and leaves you gasping for … [Continue reading]

Audio Sermon: “From Hope Lost to Hope Found” at Cornerstone University


    Recently, I preached a sermon on The Unclean Woman at Cornerstone University chapel, my alma mater. I could not have known that just a few weeks later my husband and I are facing loss and grief of our own, and I … [Continue reading]