We are the women of the Holy Week

The LilypadMary Magdalene, the one released from seven demons, lingers in the garden weeping, her tears watering the soil. 

She is known as the “apostle to the apostles” in Church history, and for most of us, she appears to be the female headliner in the story of Holy Week. We witness her tears of deep sorrow, her unawareness that she kneels moments away from her commissioning as the first evangelist to spread the news that He is Risen, just as he said.

Our hearts will jump as her heart leaps for joy![Continue Reading…]

What Lent looks like from here

What Lent-5It is late Sunday afternoon, and I intended to be Sabbathing, but my intentions have been interrupted.

(God says rest this one day—I’ve got this, but I had to do a “live-chat” ordering thing TODAY and I am third in the queue, and so I stopped for a minute to think about this season while waiting for the real live computer chat person on the other end of the line.)

This is me keeping it real.

I am not the one to go-to if you’re looking for tidy Lent plans, fixed-firmly daily patterns, or fasts. My life is chaotic in ways I can’t explain to most these days, but that is all the more reason for reflection and prayer. And as my word for the year is “Present,” I keep telling God I’ll keep showing up, you show me the way. And I am stopping, stopping, slowing, pausing, searching for his voice above the clamor. [Continue Reading…]

A spoken word tribute to women in ministry

Here's a pick-me-up, brought to my attention by my friends at  The Junia Project, in thankfulness to women serving Jesus everywhere: Jeanelle Austin Spoken Word: Thank You: A Tribute to Women in Ministry from Gail Wallace on Vimeo. "This is … [Continue reading]

Reclaiming Eve: Idelette McVicker’s story

idelette profile

I'm tickled to welcome Idelette McVicker, the editor in chief of SheLovesMagazine.com to share her Reclaiming Eve moment today. Hi, I'm Idelette and I wish I could go to every spot, village and city on the earth to meet our world’s women. I was … [Continue reading]

What I think about the IF: Gathering 2015

IF_ 2015-2

The other day I got an email from a friend, a well-educated woman I respect. It said this: "I attended our local IF gathering both Friday and Saturday. I have to admit I didn't expect much, and was very pleasantly surprised." I couldn't have … [Continue reading]